International, a Local Industry Leader in Truck Repair

Dedicated staff and factory trained technicians, make Smith International a local industry leader in truck repair. In addition to International, we are your local Cummins and Allision dealer. We offer the latest in diagnostic equipment, bumper to bumper repairs, and rebuilds with qualified technicians. Ask about our accelerated service opportunities.

Machine Shop

Smith International Has an On-Site Machine Shop to Service Your Needs

The Fayetteville location has an on-site machine shop with the latest equipment to make-up, balance, and repair truck drive shafts. We do all types of machine work, including driveline fabrication, flywheel resurfacing, and specialty welding.


Smith International is Here to Help

The Fayetteville location of Smith International has a BeeLine system for front and rear axle alignments with laser accuracy.

DPF Cleaning

On-site DPF Machines mean less wear and tear from Handling.

The Fayetteville location also has a DPF Machine on-site that bakes, cleans, and flow test DPF’s and DOC’s for most medium and heavy-duty truck sizes.